How long does a photo session with you last?

This will depend on the nature of the shoot but if we're talking about the group shoot packages I offer that include professional hair and makeup, I would set aside 3.5 to 4 hours of your time to spend at my studio. Hair and makeup takes about 90 minutes and then shoot time is about 60-90 minutes. Figure in a little time for chit-chat as well.

If I'm running behind schedule on group shoot days I'll make every opportunity possible to try and inform you ahead of time but it might be best to make sure most of your day is free so that we're not rushing to do your shoot.

Do you have available wardrobe?

Yes but this is a work in progress for me. I've been slowly accumulating wardrobe items over time but I can't guarantee I have a particular style in your size available. Let me know ahead of time what your size is and what kind of shoot you wanted to do and I'll check to see what is in the inventory. Or check our Available Wardrobe subsection here on the website to see what we have.

I've never modeled before do you work with first time models?

Yes absolutely! I have a lot of experience with first time models and I can coach you on posing during our shoot so no worries at all about a lack of modeling experience in addition, if you sign up for one of our private session packages for our studio in Ledyard, CT Bombshell Babs will also be with you throughout the photo shoot to assist in pose coaching as well!

The only thing I would suggest is practicing your facial expressions prior to our shoot. Facial expressions are a tougher nut to crack. Practice by looking into the mirror and using this cheesecake expression trick, say your vowels out loud! A-E-I-O-U. Experiment with your eyes and mouth, half eyes open, half mouth open, etc. You will start to find which expressions best suit your personality!

Do you work with plus-size models?

Yes absolutely! What drew me the most to pinup photography was how democratic it is. There is no such thing as an ideal shaped pinup, pinup is for everyone and I firmly believe everyone has an inner-pinup waiting to be unleashed!

Do you offer private shoots as well?

Yes absolutely, private sessions can be booked at any time.

Do you have (insert set/theme name here) available right now?

It depends on what sets I have up at the time, think of my studio as like a fine dining restaurant, the menu will change every so often and there are periodic specialty dishes that are offered. For example my over the top Tiki set might be available for a few months out of the year, but then I may break that set down and put in its place my Atomic Living Room set.  Things like my Gil Elvgren inspired cheesecake photos however are easy for me to reproduce at any time as that kind of set only consists of color backdrop paper and a prop or two. Please check out the upcoming themes section for sets and themes I have available or send me a message if you have something in mind.

Will you retouch my photos in Photoshop?

Yes unless you rather I not. It will be assumed that I will unless you prefer a photo to be unedited just let me know. I am quite adept at photoshop and if there's anything in particular you want me to change in photoshop I will do so as you desire. If you want minimal retouching I can accommodate this as well. There is no judgment at all, whatever you personally want retouched or not retouched I am determined to get you the product that you want.

If you get your edited photos back from me and there's something in the editing you don't like, PLEASE let me know! Trust me you will not hurt my feelings and you are paying for these photos after all! Editing can be a subjective thing, different people will have different perspectives on what is the ideal type of an edited photo. Having said that I can change an edited photo for you up to three times, after that a charge of $18 would be incurred for each subsequent re-edit request. 

Do you offer free shoots?

No I'm sorry I do not. I've spent a great deal of money and time on professional equipment, expensive sets, props and receiving a professional education. This also doesn't include all of the overhead costs needed to run a studio.  It's not fair to me so please do not ask.

What about discounts?

Again no I'm sorry, my prices are competitive and fair for the time, effort and cost I put into your photoshoot experience.

Can I bring a friend/spouse/partner with me to our shoot?

Absolutely! I think bringing along a friend is a great idea and can make you feel more comfortable and at ease!

Can I submit my photos to a magazine?

Yes absolutely these are your photographs so you may do with them how ever it pleases you. You may submit to any magazine that you like. We are also an official Partner Studio with Retro Lovely Magazine which means you get guaranteed publication in the magazine and expanded page counts. We have been awarded 22 covers for just 2021 alone.

Do you shoot other genres? Do you shoot cosplay, fashion, glamour, boudoir, pets, family?

All of the above! If you wish to commission me for any kind of photography project I am available and able to accommodate!

How do I book an appointment with you and do you require a deposit, what is your deposit policy?

To book an appointment you can send me a digital message and a time and day you'd like to shoot. Once a date, time and location has been agreed upon, to guarantee the appointment I require a $150 deposit to be paid which is non-refundable.

Remainder payment for the photoshoot to be made at the time of the photoshoot. So for example if you signed up for a two set/wardrobe package for $350, you pay $150 for the deposit then $200 dollars remainder on the day of the photoshoot.

Deposit policy may differ for location shoots or at shows. Deposit for Fantasy Sessions are $200. 

Please note I will not guarantee any appointment unless a deposit is paid, no exceptions. You may pay your deposit with a credit card or a debit card, paypal or venmo. If you prefer credit or debit I will send you a link to an online deposit payment form and contract where you may enter your credit or debit card information to pay for this.  If you need to cancel, under certain circumstances I can try to transfer your deposit provided there is enough notice but I can NOT refund your deposit for any reason whatsoever.

Deposit for photoshoots at shows or location shoots are also strictly non-refundable, if cancelled within 7 days of the show it also becomes non-transferable.

When do I get my photos after we shoot?

After our shoot has completed within the next 24 to 48 hours I will contact you with a link to your private gallery of all the photos that we took. From there you may choose which photos that you would like me to retouch in photoshop. When you select your photos just make a note of the file name associated with it as I will need that information to know which photos you chose.

How long does it take until my photos are retouched?

Retouching photos does take a bit of time to do, and the perfectionist that I am, I spend more time than probably your average portrait photographer would devote to retouching. Having said that your patience is greatly appreciated, it may take a few days or three weeks time. If I am delayed any further than that I will let you know and keep you updated on my work load and an estimated time it will be completed.

How do I get my finished retouched photos?

Once your photos are retouched I will upload them to a private page here on my website. The link for your private page will have a unique URL to protect your privacy, so only people with that unique URL will be able to access your images. To download any of your photos at their full resolution just click on the down arrow below each picture. Right-click saving is disabled as I want to discourage you from using and uploading a low resolution copy of your images to social media. A low resolution copy when uploaded to social media will degrade even further, it would be shame not to show off your photos at their best considering I am using state of the art photography equipment to take your photos.

The buy button you see is there if you wish to purchase any prints. You are not required to purchase prints through my site it is only there for your convenience.

Upon request I can also upload non-logo versions of your photos if you'd like to use them for magazine submissions or making prints. But please whatever images you share online please only use the logo version and credit me as the photographer, and also please credit any hair and makeup artist that worked with you on the shoot.

Do you travel or do location shoots?

Yes I do although most of my location shoots have been in and around New England but I would like to travel out further. If you think you have a great location to do a pinup photoshoot please send me a message and we can discuss what we can do.  Location must have a bathroom available on-site or nearby.

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