Terms and Conditions for Retro House Photoshoot 2022

Please note that our terms and conditions for our upcoming Retro House photoshoot in Burlington MA on November 6th 2022 is different from our typical photoshoot packages.

Due to the nature of the rental costs that our studio must pay for use of the Retro House for these photoshoots, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. An initial deposit of $150 is due to secure your appointment, and the remainder balance is due by October 31st 2022. Failure to make your final remainder balance payment by October 31st 2022 gives us the right to cancel your appointment and to retain the $150 initial deposit as a booking fee.

Please note that any prior prize-giveaways from our studio is not eligible to be used for this photoshoot package.

Also please note if you have been a prior no-show to any of our previous photoshoots you many only book your appointment with us for the Retro House with a full payment now, upfront that is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Once you have paid your deposit and a time has been scheduled, we cannot be responsible if you are late for your scheduled appointment, more time to your appointment cannot be added. So if you have a 50 minute session reserved, if you are 10 minutes late, your session then becomes 40 minutes at the same price.

When you are ready to book please click the book now button below to sign your contract and to pay your deposit. Please contact us however before you do to make sure we have a time-slot available that works for you.

Below prices do NOT include Makeup and Hair services. Makeup and Hair services are available for a separate fee paid to the artist.

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